What is the Summit Series?

In a fast‐changing world, our mission remains the same – supporting the military and our military families. We can’t gather in D.C., but we can bring D.C. to you. Introducing the Summit Series, a new way to engage with defense leaders and network with ADC’s community.

Five topics. Five weeks. One Community.

We didn’t just shift to a virtual platform, we’ve redesigned our event to match what you need – great information delivered in a dynamic format, with a flexible schedule for attendees to consume it. The Summit Series will be spread out over the course of the fall and consist of five keynote sessions, each scheduled for a specific week. In addition, Summit Connect events will supplement the keynote sessions and allow for attendees to participate in smaller group interactions with top leaders and experts. And that’s just the start…

Keynote Series

Thursday, September 24  |  3PM ET

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DOD is facing a confluence of crises and challenges it has not encountered in over a century. COVID-19, renewed calls for racial equality, a critical need to invest in new technology, infrastructure and weapons systems, and increasing pressures for quality schools, housing and spouse employment opportunities, all occurring as our national defense strategy pivots to a new era of great power competition. It is clear that these challenges cannot be met by DOD alone, and that there is a key role for defense communities. Indeed, meeting these challenges will require a “one-community” approach in which installations and communities must work together hand-in-hand. But what will this all mean for our nation’s defense infrastructure, both here at home and abroad? How will installations and communities need to work together to ensure our nation remains strong?


Alex Beehler

Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Army
(Installations, Energy and Environment)

Jordan Gillis

Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment

John Henderson

Assistant Secretary of the Air Force
(Installations, Environment & Energy)

Ramón "CZ" Colón-López

Senior Enlisted Advisor to the
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Charles Williams

Assistant Secretary of the Navy
(Energy, Installations and Environment)

Thursday, October 1 |  3PM ET

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With the 2021 NDAA working its way through Congress there is an emerging theme of modernization and focus on providing DOD with the ability to meet the growing threat posed by near-peer competitors like Russia and China. Advanced technologies, personnel requirements, new weapon systems, military family quality of life and a reassessment of the needs of our industrial base are being prioritized. And with the recent murder of George Floyd, Congress, DOD and defense communities are also recognizing the need to confront a troubled history of racial inequality and social injustice within the military and in our defense communities. But against the backdrop of an historic election cycle, domestic crises and massive budget deficits will DOD and Congress and be able to meet the full range of national security challenges? Featuring national defense policy and budget experts this discussion will explore how DOD and the next Congress might address these issues while at the same time ensuring that our military is ready to meet the challenge of a new era.


Rep. Anthony Brown

Vice Chair, House Armed Services Committee

Sen. James Inhofe

Chair, Senate Armed Services Committee

Rep. Adam Smith

Chair, House Armed Services Committee

Andrea Inserra

Executive Vice President,
Booz Allen Hamilton

Bryan Bender

Senior National Correspondent
and Anchor of Morning Defense, POLITICO

Mackenzie Eaglen

Senior Fellow,
American Enterprise Institute

Andrew Holland

Chief Operating Officer,
American Security Project

Thursday, October 8  |  3PM ET

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Over the past few years DOD and the services have placed a greater emphasis on improving the quality of life of its service members and military families, most recently tying these factors to future basing decisions. While communities have stepped up their efforts to address issues such as military child education, childcare and spouse employment the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic crisis have decimated local and state budgets forcing community decision makers to slash the very services that support quality of life. And with the recent murder of George Floyd, DOD and defense communities are also beginning to confront a troubled history of racial inequality and social injustice. This important discussion will explore the current state of key quality of life issues, emerging DOD policies and priorities, and the potential resources available to communities as they look to continue their efforts to provide great places for all of our service members to call home.


Dietrich Kuhlmann

Executive Vice President,
Branch Operations,
Navy Federal Credit Union

Brady Vaira

Commander, 28th Mission Support Group
Ellsworth AFB, SD

Jesse Najera

Silver Valley United School District, CA

Stanley Cadell

Command Chief Master Sergeant,
Air Force Material Command

Joe Ulloth

Command Sergeant Major,
Installation Management Command

Gregory Vidaurri

Force Master Chief Commander,
Navy Installations Command

Bree Carroll

2020 Armed Forces Insurance
Air Force Spouse of the Year

Yvonne Coombes

2020 Armed Forces Insurance
Army Spouse of the Year

Paulette Fryar

2020 Armed Forces Insurance
Military Spouse of the Year

Thursday, October 15  |  3PM ET

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Over the past decade states and communities have invested heavily in their defense sectors. But as they look to weather the impacts of the financial crisis there are doubts that type of support can continue at its current level. There are also national security implications as DOD and major weapons system suppliers are concerned of the impact the current environment will have on downstream manufactures and suppliers that may not be able to remain solvent putting critical supply chains at risk. This discussion will focus on how DOD, defense community and industry leaders are managing the economic downturn, shoring up supply chains and developing new strategies and resources exist to help support recovery.


Rob Ator

Director of Military Affairs,
Arkansas Economic Development Commission

Dirk Draper

President and Chief Executive Officer
Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC

Wes Hallman

Senior Vice President for Policy,
National Defense Industry Association

Andrew Hunter

Director of the Defense-Industrial
Initiatives Group, Center for
Strategic and International Studies

Keith Hoskins

Florida Defense Support Task Force

Sal Nodjomian

Matrix Design Group

Dr. Kenneth Sullivan

President & CEO,
Micro Craft, Inc.

Heather Wishart-Smith

Senior Vice President,

Thursday, October 22  |  3PM ET

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There is a growing consensus in Congress and DOD that we are entering a new era of great power competition and in order to be prepared for the threat posed by near-peer competitors the military must re-align its strategic military doctrines, culture, and service programs and budgets. But what exactly will those re-alignments look like? And what are the implications for installations and defense communities? This discussion will explore these questions as top military leaders and defense experts dive into these complex issues.


Sen. Jack Reed

Ranking Member, Senate Armed Services Committee

Dr. Nora Bensahel

Visiting Professor of Strategic Studies
at the Johns Hopkins School of
Advanced International Studies

Michèle Flournoy

Former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy

Gen. James Holmes (ret.)

Senior Advisor, The Roosevelt Group

Tony Johnson

Defense & Foreign Policy Strategist,
Truman National Security Project

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